we will dance and
be together again.

hola fogon family ♥️

after almost 2 years and around 100 weekends of being closed
since march 2020 we can finally meet and dance again.

we are happy and grateful
hoping this is the last reopening after closing we have to live…

let’s dance!

you won’t need any tests or vaccination proof. just make sure you come healthy.

15 years club fogon

for reasons everybody know we cannot be close together…
so we decided to do a celebration music & dance muppetshow video including some memorysnaps
for you to party at home 
(two videos… one in salsaroom and one in urban room)


hier die letzten radio latino shows
des fogon soundsystem

show 15 (teil 1)

show 15 (teil 2)

show 14 (teil 1)

show 14 (teil 2)

show 13 (teil 1)

show 13 (teil 2)

fogon sound

eine lokale qualitätsmarke
seit einigen jahren auch als fogon soundsystem
international auf den größten bühnen die das latin music genre zu bieten hat
unter anderem als resident djs im ushuaia und hi auf ibiza

zur spotify playlist

fogon productions

youtube channel